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Craig's Cruisers GR Zip Line

2019 Zip Line


We jumped at the opportunity to  provide power for the new zip line at Grand Rapids' Craig's Cruisers!The difficulty was finding existing panel space to run conduit from one end of the building to the other. Then get it under ground and to the ride's control panel.  But our team was up to the task, installing a 480V, 35A, 3PH feeder and a 120V, 20A circuit from interior panels to the zip line's control panel. If you haven't been on this ride yet, it's time. You'll experience views 130' in the air and ride 650' over the min-golf course and go-kart track!


  • Title: Craig's Cruisers GR Zip Line
  • Address: Wyoming, MI
  • Postal code: 49509
  • Completion date: June, 2019